Garden Essentials

Mushroom Compost

Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire stocks  spent mushroom compost. Mushrom compost is excellent for the use in a vegetable patch or general use in your garden.

Our mushroom compost can be delivered or collected in small bags, in bulk bags or loose by the tonne.

We also stock a range of pre-bagged compost and peat.

Screened Top Soil

Shenton Garden Supplies, near Macclesfield, Cheshire sell top soil, either as dug or screened soil. Shenton Garden Supplies locally source all their quality top soil.

As dug soil is top soil that comes directly off the field - this soil is ideal for your borders and vegetable patch. Screened soil is sieved on site - this top soil is recommended for underneath turf.

We sell our soil either loose, in bulk bags or in small bags.

We also stock a variety of garden compost.


At Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire we sell a wide selection of ready bagged compost for your garden.
These include:

  • Multi Purpose compost.
  • Potting compost.
  • Compost and John Innes.
  • Ericaceous compost.
  • Grow bags.
  • Peat.
  • Farmyard Manure.

They are all supplied in various bags and sizes.

We also stock mushroom compost.

We frequently have special offers on our compost/peat so please contact us for more information.

Quality Play Bark

Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire stocks play bark. This quality bark can be used as an ornamental bark plus it has the British Standard Certificate for play bark, it is therefore a recommended bark for children's parks/playgrounds.

Available loose, in bulk bags or small bags.

We also stock Bark Mulch.

Bark Mulch

You can buy your bark mulch from Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire. Bark mulch is ideal for covering borders to help suppress weeds and contain moisture.
Bark mulch is perfect for protecting your plant roots. It provides a natural barrier to external conditions. Bark mulch lets water drain through but slows the movement back up through evaporation.

Available loose, in bulk bags or small bags.

We also stock Quality Play Bark.

Lawn seed and Aftercare

Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire sells Surestart multi-purpose lawn seed and Lawn feed,weed and moss killer in a range of sizes.

Surestart multi-purpose lawn seed is a blend of quality hard wearing varieties specially selected to produce a lush green durable lawn, perfect for family and pet use. Coverage 40 sq metre, 120 sq metre and 300 sq metre.

Westland lawn feed, weed and moss killer granules contain 3 products that perform a triple action tp condition your lawn:

Feeds: Lawn fertisler feeds the grass, encouraging it to thicken and grow dark green in colour right down to the roots.

Kills weeds: A combination of 2 selective herbicides that kill certain weeds growing in the lawn.

Kills moss: Ferrous sulphate kills the moss, causing it to blacken and die.

Coverage: 80 sq metre and 500 sq metre.

Don't forget we also stock Quality Top soil.

Garden Turf

Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire sells quality turf that is grown locally.

The turf is a great family lawn turf suitable for luxury lawns, larger landscaping jobs and patching up your own lawn. The rolls are 1m2 and the dimensions are approximately 40cm x 250cm.

Turf can be delivered locally to many areas of Cheshire or collected.

We also stock Quality Top soil.

Garden Turf

Shenton Garden Supplies, Cheshire now supplies artificial lawn.

For a low maintenance, permanently perfect looking lawn, this may the answer for you.

We have a variety of samples in stock.

Please contact us for more information or pop in to have a look.

Oak Sleepers Shenton Garden Supplies, found in Cheshire stock a selection of sleepers, these include:
  • New Softwood Sleepers- 8'6"x9"x5" Dipped brown or Natural
  • New Softwood Sleepers-  8'x8"x4" available in Natural.
  • New Oak Sleepers-8'6"x8"x5" or 8'6"x9"x5"
  • Reclaimed Oak Sleepers (railway sleepers)- 8'6"x9"x5"
Land Drainage

We are currently stocking polypipe land drainage products which are of high quality. If you need other drainage products which aren't shown below don't hestitate to ask.

  • Diameter 60mm - Coil length 25m or 50m
  • Diameter 80mm - Coil length 25m, 50m 0r 100m
  • Diameter 100mm - Coil length 25m, 50m or 100m
  • Diameter 160mm - Coil length 25m or 45m
  • 60mm Coupling
  • 80mm Coupling
  • 100mm Coupling
  • 160mm Coupling
  • 80mm x 100mm Multi Y Junction

*Delivery is available although a charge may apply